Form 69


Project Description

smartvoll form 69 housing



Form69 Housing

typ: housing
client: Private
location: Vienna, Austria
time: 2018
size: 500 m²

The task – to design a multifamily unit with luxury apartments in Vienna’s 19th district.
Our answer – a sandwich like configuration of 3 apartments for a maximum of privacy and really squeezing out every bit of the local qualities.
First – the terrace apartment looking at the city, with the atmosphere of a single family house.
Second – the garden apartment oriented to the vineyards behind, with wellness spa and pool in the garden.
Third – the penthouse looking at the city, with two floors and its own pool on the roof!

  • Form 69 Diagram
  • Form 69 Diagram
  • Floorplan Ground Floor
  • Floorplan First Floor
  • Floorplan Second Floor
  • Floorplan Third Floor
  • Floorplan Basement